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It’s time to choose my next BOTW! This one will run from Thursday, Jan. 23 to Thursday, Jan. 30! (Changing my BOTW days from Wednesday to Thursdays because Wednesdays are too busy for me now)

Da Rules:

  • Must follow me and my current BOTW. I will check everyone out and follow many back!
  • Must reblog this post. Likes won’t count! You can reblog multiple times to increase your odds, but please don’t spam your followers!
  • Your blog must be mostly health focused! No pro-ED, thinspo, body shaming, or random blogs please! (Some random things are okay as long as the overall theme of your blog is health or fitness).

Wier gets:

  • Solo or screenie promo at least three times during the week
  • Included in “must follow” on all promos I do
  • A screenshot on my sidebar
  • URL added to my “favorite fitblrs” page
  • 100-200 new followers (proof) and a new friend :) 

Tips: Having an “about me” or similar section on your blog doesn’t hurt, so I can get to know you. Also please feel free to introduce yourself or send me an ask! I like body-positive fitblrs with a focus on overall health and wellness! 

I will be choosing the wier on Thursday, January 23rd in the evening. I will also post one or two promo lists of my favorite “ruer up” blogs. Happy reblogging! 

PS: Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you haven’t already :)